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New Car Detail

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 Seeing your brand new car for the first time can be an amazing experience - except when it isn't. Dealership valeting standards are, more often than not, much lower than that of professional valeters and detailers such as Magic Valeting; swirl marks, product residue on bumpers & trims and fine scratches are just the beginning, not to mention interior mess created in transit. Magic Valeting's New Car Detail is here to help - not only will we perfect the finish of your pride and joy, but we'll also protect paintwork, leather, fabric, bumpers/trims and all interior plastics/consoles!

 Just like a supercar, rain water will bead right off your vehicle's paintwork, glass and trims thanks to the amazing hydrophobic properties of Gtechniq's C2 protective coating combined with the naturally water resistant properties of Auto Glym's Hi-Def Carnauba Wax. Along with being ultra hydrophobic, C2 works as an active dirt and grime repellent, keeping your car cleaner for longer. 


 Using fabric protection sealants (which are also ultra hydrophobic) we make your interior fabrics virtually stain proof - spilled drinks will simply wipe clean and any high gradient markings can be easily removed with one of our maintenance valets.

 All chrome trim including exhaust tips are cleaned and polished which, combined with everything else included in our Exclusive Valet, will leave your car in better than showroom condition - the best part? The finish will last for months - with regular maintenance valets the C2 coating will continue working to provide a beautiful gloss finish, repel water and help keep your car's perfect finish.

So, what's included?

Valet Picker Tool
  • Vehicle Pressure Wash

  • Snow Foam Treatment

  • Vehicle Shampoo

  • Micro FIbre Drying Towel Hand Dry

  • Tyre Dressing

  • Door Jams Cleaned

  • Seats & Carpets Vacuumed & Shampooed

  • Stains Removed

  • Pet Hair Removed

  • Leather Treated with Protective Balm

  • Plastics/Dashboard Wiped Clean & Shined

  • Internal & External Glass Cleaned

  • Tar Spots Removed

  • Faded Paint Corrected

  • Alloy Wheel Iron & Fallout Remover Applied

  • Lug Nuts Cleaned

  • Exterior Fully Carnauba Wax Polished

  • Exterior Bumper & Trim Treated/Blackened

  • Boot Area Vacuumed + Jams Cleaned

  • Floor Mat & Liquid Air Freshener Applied

  • Glass Treated with Hydrophobic Coating

  • Gtechniq C2 Applied

  • Chrome CLeaned and Polished

  • Fabric Protected with Hydrophobic Coating

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Please note that the New Car Detail is suitable only for vehicles delivered less than 8 weeks previous and in respectively tidy condition.

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