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How To Clean Car Windows With A Streak Free Finish Every Time With One Simple Trick!

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Do you struggle with streaky inside and outside car windows and windshield whenever you clean your car at home? For some people, how to get streak free glass and windows has been a question that keeps them up at night - going from product to product and trying countless types of waffle cloth and microfibre rag, but streaks and smears remain the bane of their life!

Well fear not! Today you will learn a single simple trick that professional valeters and detailers use all over the world to get their customer's car windows spotless every single day - now you too can learn how to clean your car like a professional valeter!

What you will need:

- A good, high quality glass cleaner, preferably a product specifically designed for car windows (we use our Magic Valeting Perfect Vision Glass Cleaner)

- One lint free microfibre cloth/waffle cloth

- A second, fluffier microfibre cloth or towel

The Method For Streak Free Glass and Car Windows

The method for streak free car windows is more simple and straight forward than it is ever made out to be - there's no secret product, special cloth or magic tool required! The secret is... using two cloths!

Rather than cleaning your window with one microfibre cloth like most people do, which smears the dirt and grime around your glass which then dries on and leaves streaks and smears, the key is to spray your Perfect Vision Glass Cleaner directly on to the glass (unless it is a particularly hot and sunny day, then it is best to spray directly on to your microfibre cloth to avoid flash drying), buff on with your thinner microfibre cloth/waffle weave cloth, and then use your second, fluffier cloth/towel to buff the now clean glass to a crystal clear, streak free finish!

I know this streak free glass cleaning method may not be the mind blowing innovation you may have imagined, but this simple trick can be the difference between having dirty windows throughout the summer, or having a professional finish to your pride and joy.

To see this method in action, watch our TikTok video below which shows us getting a streak free finish on a customer's car! Be sure to follow all of our social media including TikTok @magicvaleting

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