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Soft Top Hood Revival

Has your car's soft top hood seen better days? Bird droppings, mildew/mould and stubborn stains that you just can;t seem to shift? Then look no further - with our Soft Top Hood Revival service you can have your hood looking better than the day you bought it.

Dirt and grime doesn't stand a chance - combined with a snow foam wash and steam clean, we use specialised soft top hood cleaning products designed by industry leading specialists to achieve a perfect finish. Once cleaned, we seal the soft top using a formula which contains anti UV agents along with mould and mildew inhibitors which will keep your hood cleaner and fresher for longer.

So, what's included?

  • Vehicle Pressure Wash

  • Snow Foam Treatment

  • Vehicle Shampoo

  • Microfibre Drying Towel Hand Dry

  • ​Tyre Dressing

  • Door Jams Cleaned

  • Exterior Fully Wax Polished

  • Exterior Plastics and Trims Treated

  • ​Hood Prepped

  • Hood Deep Cleaned

  • Hood Sealed

Please note that we can only provide this service if there is a garage or shelter for the hood to fully cure overnight away from rain and direct sunlight.

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