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About Magic Valeting

 Magic Valeting is a family run business which started in 2015 with Mark and Jamie Perkins as a mobile valeting service. With a number of years already under Mark's belt, and Jamie picking up the trade as a natural, father and son soon grew to become the biggest valeting name in the local area. 


 After a number of years in the business, the pair realised their invaluable experience and expertise in the valeting and detailing industry would be put to better use in crafting some of the highest quality car cleaning products, accessories and kits on the market, with all minutiae rigorously tested and scrutinised with the standards of professional valeters, and by bringing professional illustrator, wife and daughter-in-law Stacy on board, an extra pair of non-professional eyes were brought in to ensure all Magic Valeting products were simple to use for even the most inexperienced car cleaning enthusiast.


  In 2021, Magic Valeting became the West Midlands' most well known car cleaning products & accessories supplier and manufacturer, delivering high quality, professional grade products to professionals and laymen alike, all across the nation.  

With expertly crafted car cleaning formulas, artistically finessed scents colours and packaging, and the ethic and morals of a family run business behind the scenes, Magic Valeting holds pride of place in any hobbyist's garage or professional's toolkit. 

Manufactured in England and road tested by true professional valeters, the Magic Valeting range of products are truly proven pieces of valeting innovation!

Mark & Jamie Perkins, Directors of Magic Valeting Ltd
Magic Valeting Ltd Logo
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