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The Classic

Our Classic Valet does what it says on the tin, and everybody knows you can't beat the classics! The Classic includes everything that the Flash Valet does, but replaces the polish with a full wax finish and also includes the boot area!

So, what's included?

  • Vehicle Pressure Wash

  • Snow Foam Treatment

  • Vehicle Shampoo

  • Micro FIbre Drying Towel Hand Dry

  • Tyre Dressing

  • Internal & External Glass Cleaned

  • Exterior Fully Wax Polished

  • Boot Area Vacuumed + Jams Cleaned

  • Floor Mat & Liquid Air Freshener Applied

  • Door Jams Cleaned

  • Seats & Carpets Vacuumed

  • Plastics/Dashboard Wiped Clean & Shined

Magic Valeting Ltd Logo
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