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The Premium

For when you really want the premier treatment, there's only one way to go - the Premium Valet. Consisting of a full wax polish, all exterior bumper/trim re-black, seats and carpets shampooed, pet hair removal, leather treatment and much more, the Premium Valet is perfect for restoring all lost lustre to your well kept pride and joy and reclaiming that showroom finish - the essentials when looking to make your car stand out a foot above the rest! 

On top of all of this, the Premium Valet also includes a full protective coating applied to the exterior of the vehicle (including glass, paintwork and bumpers) which will repel water, enhance gloss and shine, and keep your vehicle cleaner for longer whilst also protecting against scratches and swirls. 

So, what's included?

£80 magic valeting.png
  • Vehicle Pressure Wash

  • Snow Foam Treatment

  • Vehicle Shampoo

  • Micro FIbre Drying Towel Hand Dry

  • Tyre Dressing

  • Door Jams Cleaned

  • Seats & Carpets Vacuumed & Shampooed

  • Pet Hair Removed

  • Leather Treated with Protective Balm

  • Plastics/Dashboard Wiped Clean & Shined

  • Internal & External Glass Cleaned

  • Alloy Wheel Cleaner Applied

  • Exterior Fully Wax Polished

  • Exterior Bumper & Trim Treated/Blackened

  • Boot Area Vacuumed + Jams Cleaned

  • Floor Mat & Liquid Air Freshener Applied

  • Temporary Protective Coating Applied

Magic Valeting Ltd Logo
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