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Winter Protection Package

Winter is, without a doubt, the harshest time of year for your vehicle and its bodywork. From freezing temperatures which can damage paintwork and rubber trims/components to buckets of salt and road grit which, if left untreated, can be caustic and eat through your precious paint job - it's almost as if Jack Frost is out to get us! 

Magic Valeting's Winter Protection Package is the perfect solution! Your vehicle will be treated to a full exterior valet including snow foam application and pressure washing, followed by a full treatment of exterior plastics (to recover a deep shine and protect throughout Winter), and a full coating of Gtechniq C2 Liquid Crystal - an ultra hydrophobic, dirt and grime resistant liquid sealant which combines with the benefits of the carnauba wax to offer extra UV protection, repelling road salt and grit and strengthening your car's paintwork.

We finish our service with a full coating of Auto Glym Polar Seal to the full exterior for an added 6 weeks protection and gloss enhancement!

So, what's included?


Please note that the Winter Protection package does not include any interior valeting and is purely an exterior valet - an interior Valet can be added to the package for an extra cost!

  • Vehicle Pressure Wash

  • Snow Foam Treatment

  • Vehicle Shampoo

  • Microfibre Drying Towel Hand Dry

  • Tyre Dressing

  • Door Jams Cleaned

  • Exterior Plastic Trims Treated

  • Internal & External Glass Cleaned

  • Exterior Fully Polar Sealed

  • C2 Liquid Crystal Sealant Applied

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