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What are 'smellalike' car air fresheners?

Super powerful car air fresheners which smell just like your favourite perfumes and aftershaves - just like Creed, One Million, Snow Fairy and Black Opium!
Are smellalike car air fresheners good?

What is the best car air freshener in 2023 UK?

Well, air fresheners are designed to add an extra layer of fragrance and to mask or remove odours that may be coming from your car's interior, carpets, and other surfaces. They can also help improve the overall smell of a car by adding a refreshing fragrance, giving passengers a pleasant smell every time they get in the car.

It can make your car more comfortable inside and help mask other odours you may come across while driving on the road (ie when eating food or...passing natural bodily gasses!). The smell of seat cushions or cigarette smoke from previous passengers can also be an issue when purchasing a used or second hand car, all of which can be combatted with a powerful, liquid air freshener.

Magic Valeting Faith car air freshener is inspired by, and smells exactly the same as Creed Aventus aftershave for men
Magic Valeting 'Faith' Car Air Freshener - Inspired By Creed

What is the best type of car air freshener?

So we recommend you choose a scent, a shape, and an air freshener that complements your car and your overall lifestyle. With a little research online or at your local auto supply store, you can plenty of information regarding which form of air freshener is best for you.

Solid air fresheners are often ideal when you need a long-lasting fragrance in a room without electricity. Most are very affordable and friendlier to both the environment and asthma sufferers, although their scents are more subtle than plug-ins and sprays and take longer to embed, as well as relatively quickly running out of scent, as they are constantly 'on'. They are usually best used in bathrooms and other smelly rooms.

Liquid spray air fresheners, on the other hand, provide a long lasting, powerful scent which can be topped up as and when needed. For instance, if you've just picked up some fish and chips and the car is smelling particularly fishy tonight, a hanging air freshener might not be holding enough kick to cover the stink - a liquid spray, however, can be reapplied in that instant to not only cover up smells, but to actively fight the odour causing bacteria and REMOVE the smells.

Magic Valeting smell of success liquid spray car air freshener smells just like one million by paco rabanne and is much cheaper
Magic Valeting 'Smell Of Success' Car Air Freshener, Inspired By One Million Paco Rabanne

So what are 'smellalikes'?

At Magic Valeting, we got bored of dealing with the same old air freshener scents - bubblegum, cherry, vanilla, you get the idea - so we decided "If you wouldn't use these scents on your body or clothes...what would you use?" That's when it hit us - what does everybody want to smell of more than their favourite, expensive perfume and aftershave? Nothing, of course! So, using similar base ingredients and a hefty line of trial and error, we began perfecting water based, liquid car air fresheners which smell just like big brand aftershaves and perfumes, for a fraction of the cost!

Magic Valeting Snow Flake liquid spray car air freshener smells just like, and is inspired by, Snow Fairy from LUSH at a fraction of the cost, much cheaper
Magic Valeting Snow Flake Car Air Freshener - Inspired By Snow Fairy LUSH

How do you use liquid spray car air fresheners?

Liquid car air fresheners are super simple to use - simply spray the air freshener on to any soft surfaces! Magic Valeting air fresheners are water based, and so are safe for use on carpets, seats and head linings without risk of damage. Spraying the liquid on to soft surfaces allows the scent to remain within the vehicle for much longer, rather than droplets flying out the window - and with incredible smellalike fragrances just like your favourite aftershaves and perfumes, you wouldn't want to waste a drop!

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